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Wake me up when september ends... Actually, don't wake me up at all.

Posted by RandumBoi on September 10, 2010 at 4:21 PM

The first week's always the hardest, isn't it?

You're having such a wonderful time in the summer holidays, before school creeping up behind you and pummeling your fun with a timetable-jackhammer, with holiday-juice splattering everywhere. Not a pretty image, I know. But it happened.

I think I've got the Back to School Blues. The first week of school's just ended, and it felt like a freakin' lifetime. I REALLY hope it's just the first week that's going to be this boring -_-

Virtually every lesson consisted of getting new books, the teachers explaining things everybody has already learned and knows, and me pretending to listen while actually doodling in the book I just got.

Not only that, but our new headteacher's a prick (excuse my French). He's making all these stupid changes that do nothing but anger the students. I'm only gonna list a few here, just so you get an idea.

He wasted loads of money on stupid gates that close after a certain time, and you'd have to "ring the bell" if you're late, which is going to happen a lot more now that we have to arrive at school earlier.

The timetable is now over two weeks, so you'd have one set of lessons one week, and another set for the next week. I dunno, I just find that completely pointless. Unless that point would be confusion.

Another thing. I've been made a prefect. I was all excited about it last year, but it's actually REALLY boring. You waste half your lunchtime opening doors for people and enforcing rules that you don't even understand. Sometimes I just feel like a glorified doorstop. As if that wasn't enough, we have to PAY for the silver prefect tie. It's not that I don't have the money, it's just wrong that they're making us pay for helping the school out. So I decide to buy it. Only problem is, the teacher's never around to sell it to me, and I still don't have it.

So yeah. School's been sucky so far. But it can only improve from here, right? "Actually, it just gets harder, and more stressful." DAMN YOU!

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Reply RandumBoi
4:35 PM on September 12, 2010 
The first rant-ish blog entry on the Deadly Soapbox.
Reply Georgia
5:23 PM on September 12, 2010 
Tell me about it, this week has been a DRAG. It feels as if I've been in school for months |:

We've always had two week timetables at my school, but before they were simple, and only one or two lessons varied. This year, my week A & week B are COMPLETELY different, so I have no idea how I'll remember which lessons I have... Fail.

I know exactly what you mean.. My school got a new headteacher two years ago, and she's made all the wrong changes. Like, she invested FOURTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS (which my school definitely can not afford) into "fobs" that we use to buy our dinner with. Everyone hates them, and I know so many people who choose not to eat anymore because they're just so stupid.
Like your headteacher, she also bought some gates ._. If you're late for school, you basically can't go because they lock the gates and you have no way of getting in.. Pfft.

Again, I was really excited about being a prefect last year too.. Then I realised how shitty it is.. We need to stand by the door, open it and say "Go around". They could just make a sign and lock the door, but no, apparently it's easier this way. We don't have ties - even worse, we have massive badges (which are bright orange o_O). We didn't need to pay for those though :P

Sorry for the ridiculously long comment... :') I just related to your blog a lot, I guess XD
Reply RandumBoi
3:05 PM on September 14, 2010 
@Georgia Ah hah. Don't worry, I like long comments, it makes the page look longer :)

Yeah, our two-week timetables vary completely too. Only a couple of lessons are on the same days each week ..
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